ver.0.3 Gerzil feature complete

Ver.0.3 is finally here and it brings with it a slew of improvements as well as a new character! Welcome Gerzil to the arena!

Gerzil is a drone who lost her Queen and colony when the Star Eater came through her system and decimated her hive. Without the constant psychic hum of the hive-mind she feels utterly alone. Cardinal takes pity on her and, in spite of Nancy's objections, offers her a spot on the team and a chance for revenge. Gerzil makes the calculation that she has nothing to lose and joins Cardinal and Nancy on their mission to save the Universe.

Gerzil's fighting style is savage and bloody, revolving around her ripping claws and retractable spikes. She is the first character with a grab type special move: Monster Clutch. This move is still WIP but the final version will drain life from the opponent like a vampire. From a distance Nancy fires webs, spikes, and insects. 

We also fixed some gameplay issues and made some minor adjustments to Cardinal and Nancy.

Ver.0.3 Patch Notes (Google doc)

  • System
    • Global hitpoints set to 2000
    • Global dash speed set to 10
    • when a projectile is reflected homing projectiles now change target so you can properly return to sender
    • Fixed a bug where shield graphics were disappearing on impact
  • Characters
    • Cardinal
      • Hitpoints modifier set to 0
      • Dash speed modifier set to 0
      • Quick Shot (far A)
        • Projectile now spawns on frame 10 instead of frame 14 (4 frames sooner)
      • Second Strike (far tilt+A>A)
        • Reduced hitstun from 40 to 35
      • Third Strike (far tilt+A>A>A)
        • Reduced hitstun from 49 to 37
        • Increased pushback on hit from 4 to 6
        • Increased pushback on block from 4 to 5
      • Second Homing (far B>B)
        • Increased pushback on hit from 3 to 8
    • Nancy
      • Hitpoints modifier set to 0
      • Dash speed modifier set to 3
      • Satellite Kick (close B>B)
        • Increased hitstun 32 to 37
      • Dagger (far A)
        • Reduced hitstun from 35 to 25
      • Dagger 2 (far A>A)
        • Reduced hitstun from 35 to 27
      • Dagger 3 (far A>A>A)
        • Reduced hitstun from 40 to 30
      • Dagger Wave 3 (far B>B>B)
        • Reduced hitstun from 50 to 48
      • Overslash (far tilt+B)
        • Hitsphere activates on frame 37 instead of frame 30
        • Hitsphere deactivates on frame 48 instead of frame 41
        • Total duration increased from 65 frames to 72 frames
      • Plasma Scorpion (far tilt+C)
        • Hitsphere activates on frame 12 instead of frame 9
        • Hitsphere deactivates on frame 41 instead of frame 31
        • Total duration increased from 85 frames to 95 frames
      • Fixed a bug where Nancy inputs would be locked out after Plasma Scorpion trades with an attack
    • Gerzil
      • Re-enabled
      • Hitpoints modifier set to 0
      • Dash speed modifier set to -1
  • Level
    • re-enabled BG characters
  • FX
    • N/A
  • UI
    • N/A

Early Access

You may have noticed the price went up a bit. This is part of our Early Access plan. As we've stated on the store page, if you buy Gravity Breakers now for the Early Bird price you will get access to the full game when it releases as well as pre-release builds and exclusive artwork and desktop images. As more content gets added the price will increase until we reach the ver.1.0 (full price). 

Music Announcement Incoming

We've got some exciting news on the music front. We've secured a deal with a well known music composer that will totally blow everyone away. The catch of course: they don't work for free! Which is why we are planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign! We will be releasing all the details soon. Stay tuned for an imminent press release!

Thanks everybody for all of your support!


Joseph, Head Honcho @ Gremlin


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Jun 04, 2018
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Jun 04, 2018

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