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Valeria now in orbit+free demo
Valeria joins the fray! Valeria is a member of an esoteric cult that serves an ancient evil known only as The Goddess. Her mission: to free the galactic despo...
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Ver.0.3.5 + Kickstarter + Composer Announcement
Hello everybody! A couple of announcements: first, we've been hard at work on prepping our Kickstarter campaign which we intend to launch on August 14 ! Our ma...
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ver.0.3.2 small bug fixes
Nothing too huge in this update. We fixed an annoying bug that popped up: When you cancel an A or B attack into an Exotic or Supermassive attack too quickly the...
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ver.0.3.1 SUPER EARLY 4p mode and button config
4 PLAYER MODE! A note from our coder Will: It should work in the remap menu, but It's not ready for public at all. 4 player hasn't been tested in a long time >...
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ver.0.3 Gerzil feature complete
Ver.0.3 is finally here and it brings with it a slew of improvements as well as a new character! Welcome Gerzil to the arena! Gerzil is a drone who lost her Que...
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Ver.0.2.4 Juicier hits and more bug fixes
Hello everyone! For some time now we've been hearing feedback that the hits just don't quite feel right. We've received some advice from Mike Z (Skullgirls) and...
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Ver.0.2.3 input system fixes+new moves
Hey yalls! We've been working on getting the input system to feel just right and I think we've finally done it! We went on a little detour and attempted to writ...
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Ver.0.2.2 input system + character select
While I've been plugging away on the last few animations for Gerzil, our lead programmer William has been hard work on a proprietary input system he's dubbed Ze...
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What do you think of the game? If you have any thoughts on how to improve the game please share!
started by gremlin_ent Feb 11, 2017
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Now that the prototype is finished its time for the next phase of the project! We're adding some fun stuff like better c...
started by gremlin_ent Feb 19, 2017
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